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flights to romeRome is the capital of Italy and the 4th largest city in Europe. Founded in 735 BC, its history spans well over 2,000 years. It was for many centuries the dominant power of Western Europe. Its long history and lasting influence have earned it the nickname ‘the Eternal City.’The city of Rome boasts a long list of Europe’s most recognizable landmarks. The Coliseum, built in 72 AD, was the home of the gladiators with a seating capacity of 50,000. The Pantheon was built in the 2nd century and shows the splendor of Roman architecture. The Roman Forum includes a number of the government buildings that ran the Roman Empire. The city is covered with heritage squares, fountains, plazas and old winding roads, many of which were built millennia ago.

Aside from its architecture, Rome also has many parks and gardens. The Villa Borghese is a giant park in the central of the city that offers a quiet respite from the busy sightseeing.

Rome includes the Vatican, an important religious site. At St. Peter’s Square, the Pope himself gives a daily blessing. There’s also a Vatican Museum, which tells the long history of the Catholic Church.

The city offers all kinds of shopping, from the world-famous Via Vento shopping street where the rich and famous buy their fashions, to small boutiques located throughout the city where you can find affordable treasures. In many neighborhoods, there are markets selling local crafts and other goods.

You can find wonderful food in Rome, from five-star dining to authentic pizza sold by street vendors. It’s a great place to sample real Italian wines. Sidewalk cafes offer real Italian espresso and a chance to mix with the locals.

Rome is a historical city but also offers excellent modern-day nightlife, with many bars and dance clubs. Other nighttime entertainment includes a night at the Italian opera.

At Trevi Fountain, visitors who want to visit the city again toss in their coins. With so much to do, you’ll find yourself at this fountain pitching in coins, planning your next trip back.

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