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With its wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, and laid-back approach to life, Perth is one of the Australia’s most popular destinations. This Western Australian capital is one of the world’s most isolated capital cities, but you’d never know it standing right in the middle of its skyline district. With over a million inhabitants, it stretches across the coastal plain and offers lots to see and do.

The beaches around Perth are some of Australia’s best. They’re sandy, clean and unspoiled, offering a great getaway for those who don’t want the crowds. It’s easy to find a remote beach to enjoy with your family or someone special. The water is warm and ideal for swimming. There’s also sailing, fishing, and water sports.The area is known for its cruises. Cruises up the peaceful waters of the Swan River give you excellent views of the city skyline. There are ocean cruises where you can see dolphins and other sea animals.

In addition to the ocean, the area around Perth has rolling hills and dense forest which is heavily populated by kangaroos. You’ll also find unique birds and wildflowers. Nearby are vineyards that produce some of Australia’s best wines and there are tasting tours you can take.

The nearby port city of Fremantle makes an excellent day or half-day trip. It’s a quiet town that’s known for its open multicultural feeling. It offers world-class shopping, entertainment and dining.

Perth is full of city parks. Its Kings Park is one of the biggest inner city parks in the world and offers panoramic views of the city. It’s full of trails, playgrounds, picnic grounds and its much renowned botanical gardens.

The city is full of cultural attractions as well. Art galleries show works of art ranging from modern Western style to traditional Indigenous art. There are museums that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Western Australia. The city also has a number of independent cinemas.

Perth’s year round sunshine makes it a perfect place for golfing and there are courses located throughout the city where you can play with the wide open spaces as a backdrop.

The Western Australian capital offers a nice mix of big city and pristine nature.

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