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The island of Ibiza has been the party spot for Europe since the early 90s, but it’s more than just a place to dance till dawn. Ibiza is a small island set in the Balearic Islands 80 kilometers off the coast of Spain. Nicknamed ‘White Island,’ it has year-round sunshine, beautiful coves, towering cliffs, and dense pine forests, all complemented by cool Mediterranean breezes.

Ibiza has 100 miles of coastline and over 50 beaches. The beaches are sandy and sunny. Some are huge and popular, while others are hidden in tiny coves off the beaten path. It’s not hard to find one that hasn’t been discovered yet. Many of its beaches are clothing-optional.

Far above the sea shore are the towering cliffs and rugged hillsides that give this island its unique character. The highlands are covered with thick forests that are excellent for hiking or driving.

Ibiza Town, the island’s capital, is one of Europe’s oldest cities and a designated UNESCO historical site. It’s a charming harbor town with quaint old buildings, cathedrals, and old walls from its days as a fortress.

For family fun, the island offers a number of waterparks. Aguamar is the biggest, with so many waterslides and pools you can easily spend a day there and still not get to all of them.

Throughout the island are markets that sell unique goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and local arts and crafts. Each market has its own special character.

Ibiza is known especially for its nightclubs. There are bars along the many beaches that are perfect for enjoying incredible Mediterranean sunsets. If you like to party, you can dance until morning and enjoy the latest sounds in modern electronic music.

Whether you like the quiet beaches or the clubs blaring with electronic music, Ibiza is a wonderful destination.

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