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Once a small community of Bedouin nomads on the edge of a great desert, Dubai is now one of the world’s most modern skylines. It’s the most populous emirate of the seven United Emirates and has turned the focus of its economy away from oil production and toward tourism. This sprawling desert oasis is now a glittering metropolis that has been hailed the ‘shopping capital of the Middle East.’ Dubai has lots of things to see and do.

Dubai is known for its glitz and glamor. Its shopping districts include high fashion boutiques and state-of-the-art electronics shops. One thing that brings shoppers to Dubai is its tax-free shopping. It also has the cheapest gold in the world.

The downtown district is full of bustling boulevards and stunning skyscrapers. Shaikh Zayed Road is the impressively designed main drag that leads you to the city’s main attraction – Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower. It’s an architectural marvel of nearly 830 meters’ height that must be seen to be believed.

Dubai is also known for its cultural attractions. The city is full of art galleries and historic sites, such as the buildings in the old district that have been preserved since its days as a Bedouin stopping point. The city also offers a wide variety of entertainment that includes water parks, water sports, horse races, world-class golf, and more. There is a great deal of variety in dining and nightlife entertainment as well.

Although known for its glamour and ultramodern entertainment, you can still escape the city and venture into the great desert. Tours lead visitors on desert safaris where they can experience the hush of the dunes and traditional Arabian food. The nearby beaches are also great for a visit to get away from the city.

A trip to the shopping mecca and architectural marvel of Dubai is a unique experience.

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