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In recent years, Copenhagen has become one of the hottest new destinations in Europe. The Danish capital is known for its fairy tale feeling, forward thinking, and many unique things to do.

Its most famous landmark is the Little Mermaid. This bronze statue that sits on the waterfront is based on the character from the Hans Christian Anderson story. It’s one of Europe’s most famous landmarks and is perfect for snapping pictures.

Copenhagen has a number of wonderful museums, such as the David Collection, which has Islamic and Far Eastern art from centuries past, and Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, which was built in 1888 and showcases art and artifacts from 6,000 years of human history. There is also the Museum of Danish Resistance, which chronicles life in Copenhagen under Nazi occupation.

Copenhagen has stunning architecture that includes palaces, castles, gardens, and churches. Rosenborg Slot is a 16th century palace preserved and open to visitors in the middle of the city. The Church of Our Savior has an outdoor steeple climb and spectacular views of the city. New Harbor is a neighborhood located along the side of one of the city’s famous canals.

Copenhagen is the home of Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest theme park in the world. This antique park was the original inspiration for Disneyland. It has old rides along with modern-day rides, an aquarium, an old theater, and a concert hall.

For shopping, Copenhagen has Strøget, Europe’s longest shopping mall. It’s a pedestrian street known for its unique boutiques and shops right in the heart of downtown.

One of Copenhagen’s best kept secrets is its food. Long known for its pastries, its real cuisine has hardly ever left the city. ‘New Nordic’ is traditional Nordic food with a modern twist. The city is known for its many organic restaurants and ethnic foods.

Copenhagen has been a jazz hotspot for many years as innovative jazz musicians from the 1960s on began to call it home. You’ll find plenty of jazz clubs, jazz festivals, and great street musicians.

Copenhagen is often called the world’s first Bike City because it’s so easy to get around by bicycle. If you visit, hire a bicycle and see the city the way it’s supposed to be seen.

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