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Not long ago, Bodrum was a sleepy fishing village full of whitewashed houses and subtropical gardens. Now it’s one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations, full of world-class hotels, stunning Mediterranean coastline, and lots of things to do.

Bodrum was originally the ancient city of Halikarnassus, built in the 4th century BC. Named one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, most of the old city has been destroyed by earthquakes. Still, fragments of its past remain everywhere, from tiny ruins only the locals know to large monuments such as its well-preserved amphitheater.

One of the city’s main sites is the Castle of St. Peter, or Bodrum Kalesi as it’s known in Turkey. This is a historic castle built by crusaders on the northern end of the peninsula that overlooks the sea. Inside is the Underwater Archaeology Museum, where you’ll find even more remarkable remnants of the area’s past that have been retrieved from the bottom

Located on the sunny southwestern coast of Turkey where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean, it has a scenic coastline that has always made it a popular spot to visit. Bodrum boasts windswept beaches, glittering water, and warm weather all year around. Scenic areas include Bitez Beach, Rabbit Island, and Camel Beach.

Bodrum is a good place to experience authentic Turkish culture. There are colorful bazaars in the middle town where the people are friendly and the prices are cheap. Excursions to neighboring villages give you a glimpse of rural life and a chance to get away from the touristy areas.

Long established as a tourist destination, Bodrum has a number of world-class restaurants. You can also try traditional Turkish fare. Nightclubs around town are open all night long and are all located within easy walking distance of the major hotels.

Bodrum is a perfect destination for scenic beauty, unique history, and local culture.

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