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Berlin is known both for its rich and unique history and for being one of modern Europe’s hippest cities. Travelers of all types can find something they enjoy in this German capital city.

What makes Berlin truly fascinating is its unique history. You can see many historical sites on your visit such as the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, and the Berlin Wall. The city has around 200 museums including Pergamon Museum, Museum Island, the German Historical Museum, the Jewish Museum, and much more. You can also enjoy museums on foot with its many walking tours. Unique tours such as the Dark Worlds Underground Walking Tour take you into the city’s past.

Berlin is known for its remarkable architecture. Brandenburg Tor is one of Europe’s most recognizable landmarks. Once a symbol of division, it’s now a symbol of the country’s unification. It’s spectacularly illuminated at night.

Fernsehturm is a TV tower that’s the largest structure in Germany. From the observation decks at its top, you can see a panoramic view of the city.

The historic Potsdamer Platz has always been the heart of Berlin. Before the war it was a bustling city center and in recent years it has been refurbished and now remains Berlin’s main square.

Berlin has always been a European cultural mecca. It’s the home of the Berlin Philharmonic and Charlottenberg Palace.

Berlin is a great place for people-watching or just hanging out. Viktoriapark is where the bohemian scene hangs out. Another great city park is Tiergarten, an expansive park that, even though in the heart of the city, feels like a remote forest. As the name suggests, there’s wildlife in abundance.

Berlin also boasts excellent food. It has everything from world-class fine dining to late-night food stalls. It’s known as the best city for clubbing in Europe. There are dance clubs everywhere and the party goes on all night. Many clubs open their doors on Thursday night and don’t shut them until Monday morning.

Berlin is a wild mix of historical and modern. Whether you’d like to experience its history up close or enjoy the best nightlife Europe has to offer, it’s a great destination.

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